Friday, October 22, 2010

For those of you who haven't heard....

The Williams family has a bun in the oven....we are adding another pumpkin to our patch (seasonal...cute right?)....however you would like to say it...Along with the blooming flowers (or never know here) of spring 2011 will come Baby W #2.

I am 14 weeks and 3 days TODAY (thanks Babycenter) so the 1st trimester is behind me. We are due April 19th. We saw Dr. Hutchens last week and got to hear a strong 160 bpm heart beat which was incredible. I have been feeling....well sleepy and nauseous, but day by day that has been getting much better.

We are beyond excited and feel incredibly blessed that God has entrusted us with yet another beautiful gift. Lara knows where "her baby" is and loves to "give her baby a kiss". My greatest memories of my childhood involve my brother and I am very excited for L to be blessed with joys and, lets be honest, trials of siblinghood. However if she has a little brother/sister as great as my crazy brother...she will be a lucky girl and BW2 is incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful big sister.

  We have our next appointment and ultrasound Dec. 1st at 21 weeks to make sure BW2 is healthy and all is well so please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers in that department.

Love you all.

Williams Out.