Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fruit Loop

Found this while going through files on the computer. Just a fun shoot with Kayla K at about 8 months.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Oldie McOld Pants

(You will want to scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music before you watch the videos.)

13 months old....she is walking all over the place...flexing her sass muscle....and has an uncanny ability to find exactly the thing she shouldn't be doing or thing she shouldn't be playing with...and do/play with it. She is no longer my chubby monkey infant who is perfectly happy snuggling up on my chest and rocking. It makes me tear up a little when I think about it too much.

But on the flip side, she wakes up in the morning even cooler than she was the day before. The rate at which she learns continues to blow my mind. She has started doing things because she thinks she's funny...loves books, pushing her dolly in a stroller, "helping" me in the kitchen....So its really a decent trade off.

She is also very polite....I forgot to ask her to sign it in the video below, but she can now sign "please"....and signs it when she wants something. She also knows that is the appropriate sign when I ask "How do you ask nicely?" Brilliant I tell you....brilliant.

And now, without further adoo.... are some vids of the Wolliams house celeb herself.

Here she is doing a little walking....she's still trying to find her hopefully it will be a little while yet before she gets to runnin'.

And signing....we LOVE Baby Signing Time at our house....Banana, Cracker, and Baby are new they are still a little goofy. But she does the same motion everytime we go over its a step in the right direction.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Cake

I haven't posted any photos from Larapalooza....(a.k.a. her 1st Bday). I know...I'm a borderline terrible mother.
So here you go. I am starting with the cake...mostly because it is a sentimental cake (if for no one else, for me). You see, when I turned one many many years ago, there was this cake....a 3D panda bear cake. It was a little bit of a family tradition (made by my auntie Lynette). Well I decided Lara (and the future Wolliams babies) should have this very same cake for her first birthday. Only one problem....I had really never seriously emersed myself in a legitimate cake making project. Oh well....when has that ever stopped me? So I hit up Hobby Lobby and what do you know...good ol Wilton still makes the exact same cake pan as the one used in 1987 at Karipalooza. I snatched it up and this little guy was born. Lara destroyed him...but it was absolutely worth the time and energy. I love sentimental traditions and while I know she doesn't appreciate them now, if she is anything like me, I know she will in the future.

And here is our baby girl..... not to sure about her cake being on fire...and the lovely mess she made killing my artistic creation.
She still had black frosting in her ears the next day at her 1year doctor's appointment....despite tremendous scrubbing. Sign of the perfect 1st birthday party....