Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Delish Indulgence....

On a random trip to Walmart the other night to get milk I stumbled upon Bolthouse Farms beverages on sale for $1.70 (usually a whopping $3.50/L)...quite the deal right? I drank the Green Goodness when I was pregnant with Lara (Steven was repulsed by the stuff) and was pretty excited to find it on sale. I stocked up, but this time went with the protien drinks and a couple liters of C-Boost (mango, cherry, and one other fruit that escapes me at the moment) for myself, figuring Steven wouldn't touch it....

I was wrong. Mocha Cappucino has become a huge hit at our house. It is great for me to have at work in the morning and is an awesome/healthier substitute to coffee. I went back today to stock up while the sale is still on.

C-Boost...also tasty...in fact I am pretty impressed with the line as a whole. And since it is all-natural and "no sugar added" is it really considered an "indulgence?"

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