Friday, October 14, 2011

6 Months

Liam is officially 6 months old. Just to get it out of the way right away...WHERE has the time gone?! I feel like he was just this little snuggly bundle of goodness....
He has really been liking the paci that is in the picture above lately...even though it is a newborn baby paci and looks absolutely ridiculous on his chunky face now. I think that has to do with his teething action he has going on. Yesterday was his actual half birthday and what a rough day he had...He has a blood blister/cyst/oucho looking thing on one of his bottom teeth that burst during daycare resulting in blood all over his onsie. Poor boy...In happier news though the gush of blood was due to his tooth FINALLY breaking through. So for his 6 month birthday he got one of his bottom teeth with the other front one right behind.

With his 6 month dr. appointment came his 6 month shots which were terrible....but we both survived. The nurses gasped when they saw what they referred to as his "generous legs".....yea ladies... my son is gearing up to play Division 1 football don't make the team with chicken legs. Just sayin'.

He is babbling up a storm...laughing...and sitting up all by himself. His favorite things to do are listen to/watch his sister be an absolute goof bomber and play in his new Johnny Jumper.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Butterbean! Momma loves you! 

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