Friday, October 7, 2011

Sloppy Sloppy

Raise your hand if you MAJORLY dropped the ball on keeping up your family blog......


However, with the fall comes a renewed dedication to posting regularily to keep you up to date on the happenings of the Williams Fam.

Since we last spoke, we had another bambino...maybe you've met him...

Liam Kristofer Paul Williams
April 13th 2011
8lbs 12oz
He spent 10 days initially in the NICU for an "infection of unknown origin". It sucked...long story short. But we made it through it...he came home and now, 5 1/2 months later looks like this...

He is an AWESOME, chubby, happy baby. We had so many people tell us while I was pregnant "Oh you know they aren't all born great and happy like Lara..." Well neener neener to all of you who said those words to me. He is every bit as easy of a baby as his sissy was. Do I recognize that I am VERY blessed by this? Yes absolutely I do.

On June 27th...our beautiful Lara Lynn turned 2.

She is probably the sweetest, most dramatic 2 year old I have ever seen. As of today she is 100% potty trained during the day. I wish I could take any kind of credit for her rocking abilities on the pottay...but I cannot. The week we had Liam in the NICU she must have sensed I was a little stressed because that was the week she just decided to be potty trained. She also is talking up a storm, picking up new words daily. She LOVES her little brother "Limi Weemoo" (Liam Williams) and is the best big sister we could ask for. She had a brief stint in the "terrible 2s"...about 2 weeks worth...and it was aweful. But then for whatever reason, shifted gears. I hold my breath every day waiting for the terrible 2s to return. Don't be mistaken however...this girl can throw a mean tantrum when she wants to.

You may have sensed that we are still blessed with perfect children....I kid of course...they both have their days just like any other kids...But we are extraordinarily blessed to have two such happy, healthy kids and I am really happy to be back in the blog world to keep you updated on what we are up to.

Someone please write me a nasty e-mail if I start to slack again :)

-Williams out.

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